Managing Process Efficiently: Intro to the Disruptor Pattern

The Disruptor is, essentially, a scheduling strategy builder for multithreaded code. It stands out in the world of concurrent programming because it offers both great execution speed and easily readable and debuggable code. Yes, it does have a weird name. According to the original whitepaper, it was coined “Disruptor” because

it had elements of similarity for dealing with graphs of dependencies to the concept of “Phasers” in Java 7…

Of course, it is much more than just a Star Trek joke. The pattern was developed by the LMAX exchange to build a competitive, low-latency trading platform that could handle millions of transactions per second. Luckily for us developers, they have opened the source code to the public. The reference implementation is written in Java, but there is a C# implementation as well.

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XSLT Best Practices

XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations) is a functional language for transforming XML documents into another file structure such as plain text, HTML, XML, etc.  XSLT is available in multiple versions, but version 1.0 is the most commonly used version.  XSLT is extremely fast at transforming XML and does not require compilation to test out changes.  It can be debugged with modern debuggers, and the output is very easy to test simply by using a compare tool on the output.  XSLT also makes it easier to keep a clear separation between business and display logic.

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