John Culviner

John Culviner

John is a Principal Consultant with over 7 years of development experience. He is well versed in C#, ASP/net, MVC4, VB.NET, Win Forms, WPF, Silverlight, Web Forms, WCF, T-SQL, AJAX, jQuery/JavaScript, and REST, and almost everything else “web.” He has focused recently on multiple JavaScript frameworks including Angular, Durandal, Backbone, Knockout, to name a few. His passion is great tools that can be used to create highly efficient, reusable frameworks be it in MVC or anywhere else that code exists. His main goal as an architect is to create modular frameworks that are simple for all developers to use and understand.

Joe Strommen

Joe Strommen

Joe is a Principal Consultant with over 9 years of experience in software development, with 7 years in .NET. He possesses the ability to hit the ground running and pick up new technologies rapidly. Joe also has exceptional communication skills, which allow him to communicate both technical and not technical concepts effectively.




Robert O' Keefe

Robert O’ Keefe

Bob is a Senior II Consultant with over 11 years in technology and web development. His passion for technology and solution development is evident in his successful career growth. He has developed expert level capabilities in multiple technologies. He has strong capabilities in backend and SQL Server development, as well as solid experience in front end development.






James McConnell

James is a senior consultant  with over five years of professional software development experience. He has a great passion and natural curiosity about new technology; often taking a self-directed initiative to stay educated and up-to-date with emerging trends. He frequently contributes through various venues to larger community technical discussions and is an avid reader of technical blogs, books and other media. He has demonstrated a high aptitude for professional and technical growth.

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